Hazards Of Modern Technology

Modern Technological Health Hazards:

symptoms: fatigue, nervousness, gastrointestinal conditions, recurrent infections, impaired nutrition, skin manifestations, endocrine disturbances, neurocirculatory abnormalities, headaches, arthritis, sciatica, low back pain, allergy, asthma, eye, ear, nose and throat disorders, cardiac irregularities, pathological changes in the breasts, etc.Long-term toxaemias cause scarring, ulcerations, chrohn’s, adhesions where fibrous bands of connective tissue trap the intestines, narrowing, herniations, strangulations, perforations, blockages due to worms (with enlargement above the blockage with swelling and inflammation). Tenderness in the intestinal area can indicate any of these. Prevention is the best cure. It can give you more energy, more emotional balance, and greater mental alertness and capacity.

The most common sites that parasites reside within us are in order of priority: out intestinal tract from stomach to anus, our circulatory system, our blood, lymph system, our liver, our respiratory system from tracheae to lungs and the spaces between and among the internal organs. Some of the smallest and most troublesome live right inside the cells, endobionts or pleomorphic entities. Since the body is constantly making waste products, parasites feeding upon these wastes are only harmful in regard to the toxic by-products they make from these wastes and the destruction they may do to good living tissues. Some parasites may even do good by breaking up waste deposits that can then be eliminated. Having less waste materials in the body definitely help the elimination of parasites. Creating a body which rapidly eliminates waste products is a defense to infestation by parasites.



A Fight & Battle We Can & Must Win!!!

You know it, I know it – our food supply is not what it used to be. Are we the unwitting victims of someone else’s drive for ever more profits? Is your life being traded in for someone else’s profits? Think about this seriously. Have you ever noticed how tasteless “fresh” produce is these days? Foreign visitors to our country mention how tasteless the food is here compared to their homeland. Our processed foods need an “unhealthy” dose of brain stimulating chemicals to give them taste(MSG) to be palatable.

There is however something new and potentially much worse than we have seen in the past. I am talking about GE foods- Genetically Engineered foods. It is estimated that two-thirds(67%) of foods on supermarket shelves have modified ingredients. Last year 1/4th of American crops were modified including 35% of all corn and 55% of all soybeans.

The problem with genetically engineered foods is that they have not been sufficiently tested!!!! Because of the great potential risks to consumers, this technology needs to be tested for several generations of humans in a controlled environment. Each of us should have a choice as to whether or not we want to be a part of this experiment. In order for us to have choice, we need to know what is in our foods; could it hurt us. There are too many examples of technology hurting people to be reassured by government agencies that GE foods are safe, based on the “scientific” studies paid for by the companies that end up benefitting from the sale of GE foods. There are many examples of drugs and other products have not been throughly tested that in the end have killed and maimed many people. Let us prevent GE foods becoming a terrible example of careless government and pseudo-science.

Who doesn’t want fresh high quality food free of contaminants? GE foods have built in pesticides.(note: permanent pesticides in plants is scary. Pesticides harm humans far more than they could possibly harm insects because an insects DNA(gene) control mechanism is incredible. Cancer involves gene instability where a chaos pattern in the cell is begun. The humans mechanism for gene control is hormonal driven, whereas insects control genes chemically.(Hormonal control has allowed humans to express free will whereas, the chemical control mechanism of insects, makes them small machines without freedom and no evolution over millions of years.) What this means is that insects won’t mutate as a result GE plant pesticides but human cells likely will based on the amount of pesticide ingested; it could mean a slow grinding down of the human genome, the end of man as we know him.

Not only do the toxins in GE foods kill insects that feed on them, these same toxins become part of the food chain and kill the beneficial insects that feed on insects that have dined on GE foods. Additionally, it has been found that some pesticide toxins made by the GE plants are leaching into the soil from the roots of the GE plant. How many degenerations of poison excreting plants would it take to make our planet as barren as the moon? The benefits of GE food are non-existent to consumers, the risks, outlandish!

We are finding that pollen from GE corn migrates to milkweed which in turn kills Monarch Butterflies, creating a new endangered species. Will the earth be a better place for having lost Monarch Butterflies? Let’s prevent this from happening. The terrible fact is: IF ONE SPECIES HAS BEEN FOUND TO BE ENDANGERED, so soon after the introduction of Genetically Engineered foods, THERE MAY BE 100’s OF OTHER SPECIES THAT ARE IN DANGER, of WHICH WE ARE now UNAWARE. It is unknown what the risks are to ourselves and our children and future generations. Recent polls indicate that 81% of Americans favor banning of GE food.

The good news is that we can get all foods containing genetically engineered foods labeled , if we all work together. If we talk to the management of the food stores that we patronize and make it known that we want labeling, we can put pressure to bear on the market place to keep food quality where we want it. Monetary pressure is a real and effective pressure since we all spend a lot of money on food. With a small effort, retail food stores chains will see the benefit to themselves in promoting their image to us, the consumers, as a place that cares about customers. This issue could become so big, if the public worked together, that the self interest of retail food stores will require them to pressure their suppliers for better food quality.

Do any of you remember how the quality of automobiles was improved by the importation of high quality Japanese cars that cost less to operate and maintain than was being made at that time by the Detroit automakers. As a result of this classic struggle for the consumers dollars, we have better autos today. Likewise, If we care about our bodies and the legacy of health we would like to provide to our children and our neighbors, we can make a difference by getting off the sideline and getting involved in this issue. I think the end result can be a lot better quality food available to us at all times and at all levels of the food chain. I think that other food health issues such as, pesticides, fertilizers, parasites and other residues and contaminants will also be improved as a result of this controversy. We the consumers have been pushed too far; the backlash to this is an increased awareness by consumers of food quality, by pushing back who knows what good we might do?

To educate yourself more on this issue, logon to the following website:Women are at greater risk

A recent EPA study demonstrated that women who drink 5 or more glasses of chlorinated water(tap water) are at increased risk of miscarriage. Drinking bottled water, however is probably not the answer since it is not regulated nearly as well as tap water.

If chlorinated water increases risk of miscarriage, what unknown effects might it have? Chlorine added to water makes cancer causing chemicals out of otherwise benign chemicals. The only solution is to take control of the final processing of water yourself. A solution can be the use of space-age water filters made of a polymer/carbon bound material that guarantees 99.9% removal of most toxins, chemicals, parasites, viruses and bacteria.Water the Universal Cleansing substance

Water is the universal solvent which leaches harmful chemicals and metabolic wastes from the body. Drinking unclean water burdens your body; it reduces your internal purifying process contributing to lowered immunity, depression, etc. Many people develop very acidic fluids because they do not drink enough water. Arthritis, rheumatism, heart disease and other inflammatory conditions are magnified by acids in the body. The increase in impaired immune systems nationally require people to make sure their drinking water is clean. Drinking enough water for many people can reduce many symptoms and increase well-being.Children and pollution:

Do you know why children are at greater risk regarding pollution? Because their bodies and immune systems are not fully developed. Per pound of body weight children eat more, drink more, and breath more thereby taking into the body more poisons. The five worst threats to a child are: lead, air pollution, pesticides, 2nd hand tobacco smoke, and drinking water.Chlorine Dangers:

40% of municipal water suppliers have violated clean water standards. 50 million Americans on a daily basis drink substandard water. Rectal, colon and bladder cancers are associated with drinking chlorinated water.Water parasites: Giardia and Cryptosporidium

Certain water borne parasites are now immune to chlorine. The above mentioned parasites make 400,000 people ill every year in the USA of which 100 people die. Residual infection from these parasites can contribute to liver, gallbladder, colon, bladder and kidney diseases.Bottled Water, Beware…..

Watch out for bottled water. In a four-year test of 103 different brands of bottled water, the environmental advocacy group National Resources Defense Council found a third contained bacteria or other chemicals exceeding state purity standards. Water is marketed on an honor system that just isn’t that honest. For example, nearly one in four contained cancer causing synthetic chemicals, such as arsenic that exceed many state standards. Plastic disposable bottles when exposed to sunlight often are of such a low quality that “xeno-estrogens” are released into the water making for a hormonal soup that lowers metabolism and assists one in the weight gaining business.Your Soap is Making You Sick (or sicker

You are better off making your own soap rather than using name brands. One common additive is aluminum silicate which is very harmful(see list of disease connections below). According to one researcher, 60-80% of the aluminum used in the wash cycle remains in the clothing to be absorbed by your skin. ( The skin absorbs materials placed on it almost as well as the alimentary lining. To see how efficiently the skin works, rub a clove of garlic on the soles of your feet and notice that it only takes a few seconds for the garlic odor to appear on your breath.)

In addition to this startling information, anionic and/ or nonionic surfactants are added to soften the water as well as lubricate washing machines so they will last longer. One negative side effect is that toxic wastes are held to the clothing by the electrical charge of these surfactants. These toxic surfactants draw to them other toxic poisons that are held close to the skin and easily absorbed. It doesn’t feel good to poison ourselves or our beloved family members.

Clyde Reynolds, N.D., states that the absorption of heavy metals cause skin rashes, tend to compromise the immune system and lead to early on set of adult diabetes, coronary artery disease, cancer, M.S., Alzheimer and a variety of other infections in the body.Pesticides & Children


According to the National Coalition Against the Use of Pesticides, cancer rates contributed to increased use of pesticides is up significantly. In industrialize countries all forms of cancer with the exception of lung and stomach cancer is up. One medical researcher says that by the year 2000 two out of three people can expect to have cancer in their lifetime.

Dramatic decline in sperm counts in males if extrapolated into the future would indicate that the last person to father a child has already been born. Reproductive failures of alligators in Florida to Polar Bears in Alaska is associated with chemicals concentrated in the reproductive organs during gestation.

Elevated rates of childhood leukemia, and brain cancer are associated with homes where pesticides are used. In 1991 the rate of childhood malignancies was up 11% as compared to 1988.

The failure to protect children from the negative effects of pesticides results in a high cost.

Children are much more susceptible to endocrine disruption due to the hormonal mimicking and disruption that pesticides do to the human body. There is a delicate balance of control, growth, development, sexual trait development and other functions that are disrupted by pesticides.

Interestingly, the soybean common in infant formula is a genetically engineered food that has built into its structure an unusually high amount of plant estrogens that act as a “natural” pesticide. The low cost of soybean production is due to the low amount of lost to crops due to insect damage. The low cost has meant high profits to the food manufacturers. The natural foods industry has also bought into this.

One point to make is that it is estimated that male children, due to soy formulas, receive in childhood the equivalence of 200 times the amount of birth control hormones that a woman may use over a 20 year period. This can definitely distort normal sexual development in male children. It can delay or prevent normal male development. The effect on female is the exact opposite.

Because children are growing and more active than adults, children require more food and oxygen relative to their weight than adults. Children receive higher doses of toxic substances since their barriers to absorption of toxic materials are not well-developed. Many of the effects from poisoning can become latent when toxic substances are stored deeply within the structure of the body, such as, the bones.

Future effects from childhood exposures are unknown. Elevated risks of cancer is the extreme result, subtle effects would include learning disabilities, attention deficit disorders or problems in development physiologically or psycho-emotionally.

A major factor associated, which leads to a lot of rationalization(and the development of the “science” of risk management – who much risk can we afford), is the affordability of food. Chemicals are introduced into the food manufacturing and production process to reduce costs. So its buy now and pay later. Chemical exposure is so pervasive that we need to take every effort to eliminate all the exposure we can because even with a herculean effort, we and our families are going to receive a tremendous amount of exposure.

Should we have any confidence in government agencies or “our leaders.” True leaders are patriots, meaning fathers of the people. Such leaders protect the people from harm and are not looking to their pocket books or to personal success. True leaders warn people not, use people for their own ends. Such leaders are rare. Government agencies have experimented on the people. These tests are now well known. Talk about Nazi Germany, harmful experimentation on the United States citizens has gone on since before the Civil War(when the constitution was permanently suspended).

What kind of inhumane beasts would, against a person’s knowledge inject radioactive materials in another person’s body(government doctor’s) and then be held harmless for such acts. Generally it is said that the solution is for us all to be more aware, stop being victims, take more responsibility for our lives. While this is true, more focus needs to be made in holding people responsible for their devilish actions. When Moses instituted the death penalty, the commentary was “..do this that others will see and fear…” Social penalties work a lot more magic (or miracles) than we can imagine. A lot of our personal weaknesses would be corrected just by seeing the reality of others experiencing the consequences of their actions. Seeing more cause and effect would be sobering to us; it might even give us a whole new life. The unreality of our present society is astounding. There is a collective darkness. Not surprisingly when we are taught to compromise our way through life, inner strength is reduced and the ability to see reality is also reduced. Inner strength is only build by defending principle.

We need to replace bad habits ,which are often fostered by certain segments of our society to increase their personal control and profits, with good habits that make us more complete and healthy people and resistant to outside influences. Ultimately, it is a crime to benefit from weakening another person’s character or self control. Such people however often become rich and are respected because of the cut of their cloak; dressed in black no doubt – the robes of a false priesthood. Look at what 26 years of public sex education has done. In the 70’s about 25% of children were born illegitimately; today 75% of children are born illegitimately. Isn’t it hypocritical for leaders to say that they are for traditional family values without a willingness to lay down their lives to stop the environmental causes of our social maladies? There is such a deafening silence on the subject of issues that effect us. Instead the sheep are blamed for the wolves appetite. Kills those damn sheep! Whose laying their lives down for the sheep? Shepherds for hire? Our human potential as children of God is infinite. The glory and joy of living a fulfilled and truly productive life is really the reason we are here on this earth. Truly we can create a heaven on earth if we implement the same sort of laws that exist in the heavenly worlds. If we are blind to who our true enemies are, any forward step will be met by sabotage and a push to get you off the path. The story comes to mind of Knute Rockney. At the being of each season he would start with the basics by saying to his players, “This is a football.” We need to start with the basics. The fact is, if we do not gain greater control of our personal lifestyle, such as, what we eat, how we take care of our minds and bodies and spirit, we cannot as a species expect to rise much above the animal kingdom. Many don’t even get that far because basically they vegetate and are on some sort of weird life support system that gradually brings all of society down.

Here’s a legend you may find interesting. Where the asteroid belt exists in our Universe somewhere past Mars existed a planet that blew itself up. It was inhabited by a race of people that couldn’t or wouldn’t keep up. This race couldn’t sustain itself and eventually the planet was destroyed. This disembodied spirits of this race of beings were in misery and couldn’t advance unless helped by some other group. No one else wanted them(wisely) except the human race which was filled with compassion for all life. ( As Earl Nightingale said, “Most people are good people. They want to help and they want to be liked. They have their problems as most people do. But they want to make the world a better place as best they can.”) Anyway this race is also known as laggards, the “I don’t get it” kind of people. The laggard type mentality is among us. Many of us would be much better if we just separated ourselves this kind of person.

What kind of life are you? Seeds when sprouted are imprinted with a holographic image of the full growth plant upon them. What kind of an image is upon you?

We need the power to say NO to things that don’t strengthen and lengthen our lives. A strong people are not governed, they govern their collective representatives and give them a backbone to fight against tyrants who want to involved the nation in foreign wars not in the interest of the nation.. Unless we are individually strong we have no power to affect anything outside of our own bodies.Reasons Why Soy Protein is Dangerous:

Soy contains high levels of phytic acid which binds with calcium, magnesium, copper, iron and zinc. High phytate diets can cause growth problems in children. Minerals alkalize the body preventing many ills. Phytates in other grains are reduced by sprouting, soaking and long, slow cooking. This is not true of soy products. Soy robs the body of needed minerals. Only a long period of natural fermentation will remove phytates which is not done to the soy product in the market place(this process increases costs). Price based food products(quality) cannot compete in a propagandized(highly brainwashed television educated population) marketplace. The eating of meat with soy neutralizes the mineral blocking effect of phytates.

Soy contains a protein enzyme inhibitor, used to protect it from predators. Soy can cause protein digestion problems and pancreatic disorders. Soy inhibitors causes stunted growth in test animals.

Soy contains phyto estrogens which disrupt the endocrine function, can cause infertility, and promotes breast cancer. Soy phyto estrogens are strong antithyroid agents causing hypothyroidism and may cause thyroid cancer. Isoflavones may not have been part of the wild soy bean chemical structure – there is not proof of it. There is no proof that isoflavones are safe for use. Animal studies show that isoflavones cause sterility, hemorrhage, thyroid disease, gastrointestinal disorders, tachycardia, broncho constriction and death. Some researchers believe the rapid increase in liver and pancreatic cancer in Africa is due to the introduction of soy products there.

Genistein stimulates breast cells to enter the cell cycle or replicate meaning it stimulates cell division which does not prevent cancer. Consumption of 60 grams of soy a day for pre-menopausal women caused disruption of the menstrual cycle. Soy estrogens when combined with an already increasing base of xenoestrogens may have a potentially synergistic effect as regarding health dangers.

Use of soy formula has been linked with autoimmune thyroid disease in infants and speeding up puberty in female children( note: now 1% of female children have secondary sex characteristics by the age of three, by the age of eight 15%, Afro-Americans 48% by eight), and retarding puberty in male children(note: male infants undergo a testosterone surge during the first few months of life, when levels may be as high as an adult male. This is when the infant is programed to express male characteristics after puberty; this sets in motion at the right age, the development of the sex organs, masculine physical and brain characteristics. Soy formula can retard sexual growth, learning disabilities Aluminum content of soy formula is 100 times that of unprocessed milk. A recent study showed that babies fed soy formula had 13,000 to 22,000 times more isoflavones(estrogens) in their blood as compared to babies fed on a dairy based formula. Use of soy in animal studies show a lower weight gain for rats on soy formula. Macrobiotic diets lead to smaller children; children fed high-phytate diets tend to be thin and scrawny.

Soy protein increases B12 requirements of the body. The B12 in soy are not very absorbable. Soy increases your need for vitamin D. Vitamin A and D act as catalysts for absorption of all minerals and water soluble vitamins in food. A and D found in organ meats, butter, eggs, and fish of good quality. Plant foods and sunlight do not give us enough A and D, so substituting soy for the above foods leads to nutritional shortages.

The processing of soy at high temperatures and pressures denatures protein(soy protein isolate) making it difficult to assimilate, creates toxic substances such as lysinoalanine and nitrosamines(very carcinogenic), free glutamic acid or MSG(a strong neurotoxin) is formed in processing. The denaturing of the protein, in processing, removes cystine(sulfur rich amino acid needed by cell membranes) making soy an incomplete protein unless supplemented with eggs, diary, or meat. Traces of hexane and other solvents remain in the soy after processing out the oils.

Soy foods have high levels of aluminum due to processing in aluminum vessels in conjunction with acid and alkaline baths. Aluminum is toxic to the nervous system and the kidneys.

The reasons above explain why soy was never used extensively in the orient; in fact, soy as used in processed today is genetically engineered and not the same species as used in the orient(it has a vastly different chemical structure. Soy was only used as a condiment of 1-2 tablespoons a day at the most. Diets high in phytates are correlated with reduced height in adults due to mineral shortages. Even brain development due to mineral shortages can lead to stunted intellectual growth as well as emotional, mental and moral abnormalities.

Can the truth about soy be heard above the roar of millions of dollars of advertisement spent, research funded by the soy industries, and free promotion efforts at the store to government agency level?

).www.thecampaign.org We are being poisoned by Genetically Engineered(GE) foods.

Microwaves: Developed by the German’s prior to WWII. The Russian’s obtained this technology by the spoils of war activities at the end of the war. Initially it was used by the Russian army to cook and heat food in the field. Due to the severe health problems they discovered, it was banned for this purpose. Remember that microwave exposure in modern society is increasing especially in the communication field. Most of us are exposed to micro waved foods which is in varying degrees poisonous to us. Many of us are exposed to microwaves when we live near, where we work, aor as we pass by the increasing number of microwave towers being put up for communication towers. These towers are needed to support cellular phone signals. This exposure will continue to get worse over the coming years.

Based on the research conducted at the Institute of Radio Technology at Minsk and in Byelorussian area, health hazards have been classified into three categories: 1) cancer-causing effects: creation of potent carcinogens(d-nitrosodiethanolamine), de-stabilization of active bio-molecular protein compounds, increase in alpha and beta particles in foods, creation of carcinogens in cereal grains, altered compounds that reduce digestion of food: new chemical compounds were created that reduce the bodies ability to resist cancer formations, thawing of foods caused foods to be altered in their ability to be broken down, plant alkaloids were altered, trace-minerals in root vegetables were altered to produce cancer-causing free-radicals, statistically high number of persons developed cancerous intestinal and stomach growth with a breakdown of cellular tissues on outer walls and a reduction in digestive and elimination function; 2) decrease in food value: decrease in the bodies ability to use vitamin C, E, minerals and enzymes that break down fats; loss of 60-90% of energy content of foods; metabolic activity of vital plant chemicals reduced; proteins in meat destructively reduced in food value; structural disintegration of all foods. 3) Physical effects of exposure; ingesting food is not the only way a person can be effected by microwave radiation; human life energy fields are broken down by exposure to microwave ovens while in operation – the longer exposure the worse; cellular voltage potentials degenerate especially blood and lymph sera; reduction in ability of the body to utilize foods ; tissue membranes are destabilized and digestive processes are put into the blood from digestive organs that would cause further breakdown of cells; nerve impulses from brain centers breakdown and degenerate; central nervous system and autonomic nervous system processes breakdown and energy field strength is reduced; loss of balance and the ability to control waking consciousness based on reduced bio-electrical strength; long-term loss of vital energies on animal life within 500 meters of equipment; long-term effects of magnetic deposits created (by exposure) located throughout the nervous system and lymphatic system; hormonal and hormonal balance in male and female interrupted and destabilized; higher brain wave activity and disturbance in alpha-, theta-, and delta-wave patterns; because of this negative psychological effects including loss of memory, loss of ability to concentrate, suppressed emotional threshold, deceleration of intellectual processes, interruptive sleep due to ovens or transmission stations.

Dr. Hans Hertel gives added insight to this problem. His findings show that bacteria exposed to blood serum taking from those feed on micro waved food increased in strength. Microwaves tear molecules apart by reversing magnetic polarity 1-100 billion times a second. It creates friction within water molecules creating heat. Microwaves from the sun are direct pulsed not reversed pulsed. Microwaves are used to alter and destabilize genes. Normal oxygen metabolism is altered to an anaerobic condition which makes cells easy prey for viruses, fungi and other microbes. New compounds are formed every time microwaves are using for cooking that are unknown to man and nature. When micro waved foods are eaten there is an immediate anemic effect. Lower limits of red and white blood cells and other blood elements result. The effect is a leukocyte response that shows signs of pathogenic effects on the living system, such as poisoning and cell damage.

Cholesterol markers increased rapidly- HDL and LDL. There is an essential stress factor from this food. Stress increases platelet mobilization from the spleen and marrow; as the stress endures platelets drop rapidly. Dr. Hertel states that microwaves cause cancer.

Food Irradiation:

Food irradiation is a way to get rid of radioactive wastes. Most of the problem we have with super microbes in food is due to the over use of anti-biotics that have made microbes more resistant to these anti-biotics. Most of this problem can be corrected by complete cooking.

Those that promote irradiation admit that it will not kill all microbes, complete cooking will be necessary anyways. Dr. DuPont, one of the promoters, states that at the doses recommended, the dangerous bacteria like E. Coli and Botulinum will not be eliminated. Since the remaining microbes are resistant to even lethal doses of radiation what will they be able to do to the gastrointestinal tract and the environment?

Radiation is used in genetic engineering technology to mutate single-celled bacteria, yeasts, fungi, viruses and other cells. Mutations that survive will be stronger but not necessarily better. What new and unique microbe might you find in your food that no one else has ever experienced? Will a doctor say to you, “we cannot find anything wrong with you?” This will because they have no test for your unique micro-organisms.

Irradiation created cancer causing substances: unsaturated fatty acids produce peroxides resulting in benzo(a)pyrene quinones; carbohydrates result in formaldehyde in large quantities; children fed irradiated wheat show signs of cancer development in lung lymphocytes. Remember that super high doses of minerals make it almost impossible for carcinogens to get inside cell membranes.

Is it possible that an accumulation of tiny doses of toxic substance(FDA says there harmless individually) could contribute to the increasing of chronic diseases ,such as, cancer arthritis, diabetes, MS, chronic fatigue, etc.

The only benefit to society is that radioactive wastes will be eliminated(buried with you in your coffin) and supermarket chains will have far less loss from spoilage.

Man made hormones in the air, food and water

Billions of pounds of manmade chemicals that mimic hormones and compete with natural hormones are released into the environment every year. Some pesticides for example have a potent affect on insects because they disrupt sexual activity of insects which also disrupt the endocrine systems of animals and humans.

Hormonal secretions are important biochemicals that effect every structure, bone, cell and tissue of the body. They affect sexuality, reproduction, development, behavior, normal or abnormal growths. For your information microbes including cancers make their own hormones which are used to promote their own growth and development. With the thousands of foreign chemicals in our bodies today, these foreign life forms way be better adapted then your cells are to survive in your unique body environment. Additionally, with disrupted hormonal signals due to pseudo-hormones, your body may be operating like an orchestra conducted by a monkey.

Chemicals become more concentrated in food, the higher you go up on the food chain. Fruits, vegetables, grains have less contamination than fish and chicken and beef. The unborn and young are most perturbed by chemicals. Chemical induced developmental defects typically are irreversible. Are we raising a generation of defective human beings due to toxicity? Soy protein is highly estrogenic and will delay sexual development in male children and speed up sexual development in female children

The dysfunctional behavior and lives of people are becoming more and more widespread. Pseudo-estrogens may be causing many of our social problems today. What we label as abnormal behaviors may be chemically induced, limiting freedom of choice for those so influenced by hormonal drives. A behaviorally reinforced chemically induced “deviance” may even lead to a mass murdering lifestyle which harms many and yet the true culprits hide behind more prisons and more severe punishment. We all need to wake up and be responsible ourselves and then start hindering the individuals who have gone wrong and do great harm by virtue of their occupying positions of power by wealth or control. Sure people should not drive drunk, but how about restitution by the owner of the bar and the supplier of the alcohol? Both profit by participating in anti-life and anti-health industries. Why be tough only on the little guy?

Interestingly, it may not be the tobacco in cigarettes that kills since more than half the substance in tobacco is chemically treated recycled cellulose. What’s the effect of all the inhaled chemicals in the tobacco smoke?

Since government turns a deaf ear to the people(agencies active in denying the dangers to the public) minimizing the risk we personally create for ourselves is perhaps the best we can do. Many people use chemicals wildly. For example of the 800 million pounds of pesticides used annually, 300 million pounds of chemicals are used by homeowners. This means homeowners use 4 to 8 times more pesticides than farmers per square foot of vegetation. Our homes can be the most toxic place we ever visit.

Endometriosis can be created by dioxin at a parts per trillion contamination level. The long-term accumulation of dioxin, even at these low levels can cause severe to moderate disease. What of the accumulation of many different chemicals even at low levels and their synergistic relationship that could occur? Of course (political) science cannot find any cause and effect relationships when money is involved. At least we can stop poisoning ourselves and if we can’t convert our neighbors to sanity, we might need to leave the neighborhood and find a place where we can live more naturally..

Another solution to the chemical pollution problem per Dr. William Koch is to boost cellular oxidation. His findings indicate that by boosting cellular energy, we are able to reduce the chance of any toxin interfering with cell metabolism by burning the up. Detoxify and build the endocrine system is a well established method of protection.Fluoridation

Fluoridation is another instance of turning a taste waste into a health supplement, killing two birds with one stone; maybe killing three birds, the public being the third bird. The movement to fluoridate is a well orchestrated and well financed movement.

Locally, in Salt Lake City, pro-fluoridation forces refused to debate the issue publically with an eminent scientist. The debate would have been one main against the best they could put against him. Truth and public choice in the works against their agenda. We just see the steam roller effect of propaganda advertising presented to the public at public expense.

Simply put, fluoride(as an industrial waste) is a metabolism disrupter. As Dr. John Lee has said that for cartilage to repair the system must be fluoride free(think of carpal tunnel syndrome as one example). A study promoted by Hanna Kroeger showed clearly that the twice a day tooth brushing practice with fluoride toothpaste suppresses the immune system 100 %(12 hours for every brushing).

Fluorides are cell poisons because they change cell membrane permeability and inhibiting certain enzyme systems. Without cellular integrity, there can be no pH, hormonal or enzyme balance in the body. This balance underpins all life processes in the body.

Dr. John Yiamouyiannis, foremost authority on fluoride, says that water containing as little as 1.2 to 3.0 ppm causes osteosclerosis, spondylosis and osteopetrosis, goiter, and is toxic to human bones. There is a direct correlation between fluoride intake and hip fractures. A hip fracture is a death warrant for an elderly person.

Court documents show that scientific fraud regarding the health dangers of fluoride use has been committed by the Department of Health and Human Services and the EPA to protect a long-standing health policy by the falsified documents supplied. Studies show that at very low doses, a host of health problems occur and it is clear that fluoride is a mutagen.

Fluorides is very harmful to plant and animal life. 99.9% of the tons of fluoride put into water supplies is flushed through the sewer system and into sewers, streams, oceans and ground water.Mercury:

See heavy metals appendix, be sure to have your amalgam fillings removed. A short term solution is to alkalize the body and take herbal combinations and homeopathic remedies to remove mercury and other heavy metals from the body. Acid saliva causes more breakdown of amalgam fillings; recharging alkaline ash reserves of the body, alkalizes saliva and reduces the absorption of mercury into the body.Sick building syndrome:

Air exchange in buildings often needs to be increased. This movement of air means added heating and cooling costs, so because of these added costs, many employers resist air improvement. Environmental moves to reduce the pollution that comes from energy generating activities has lead to making many buildings extremely air tight reducing air turns to .2 per hour. Have you entered a building such as a Wal-Mart or Safeway to be greeted by a puff of chemical pollution?

Out gassing of containers, wrapping, carpeting, new clothes, cleaning supplies, boxed, cartons, floor cleaners, paints, and on an on. These all give off toxic chemicals that are then breathed by employees and customers. This is a hazard!

Additionally, molds, mildews, and toxins created by dust mites create a lot of allergens especially in the moist, humid summers in different parts of the country. Humidity plus human skin is the breeding ground for dust mites that cause allergies and upper respiratory tract infections. These issues put a drain on your immune systems.

 Poor Food Quality:

What we have today is an empty harvest. The foods in the markets may look like food but has little or no food value.

Taking a total look at food, there are many factors that reduce food quality. Mineral content of the soil is a big factor. What is available for the plant to consume. Humus in the soil is a critical factor. Petrochemicals added to the soil break down humus, turning farm land into Desert. Humus holds water, fostering the soil culture of worms, fungii, microbes of varius types which break down organic matter which can then be absorbed by the plant. This soil culture, working as a unit, also stimulates the break down of rocks and soil into free minerals for absorption.

It is not simple a matter of organic produce, some soil just does not contain the raw mineral elements in proper balance for the needs of the plants. Also research has found that 25% of organic foods have pesticide residues. Certain weeds are attracted to deficient soil to enrich the soil. Weeds are good. They extract and break down elements in the soil for better balance. Plants grown on mineral deficient soils fail to develop amino acids and vitamins that would be created if grown on mineral rich soils.

Freshness of produce depends on how long it takes to reach the market. There is a rapid fall off of nutrients after harvesting fruits and vegetables. Extending spoilage time does not add back nutrients lost in this manner.

Rock dusts have shown to increase nutritional value of foods. Rock powders create para-magnetic forces in the soil which increase the vital properties increasing growth and nutritional value of produce. Its much more powerful than artificial fertilizers with no negative impact on the soil or environment. So called primitive people often had the practice of adding organic matter or ash from burning trees, adding dead fish or ocean materials into the soil. Certain Gaelic peoples living by the north sea, burned peat moss and added it to the soil, because of the increased these additions made to crop yields.

Dental caries result from a demineralization of the teeth and a long-term acid condition of the body. What is true of the teeth is true also of the bones. Teeth however become centers of infection which poison the blood. There is a direct correlation between the number of cavities and the incidence of cancers in the body. The primary reason for this is an acid diet which is “rich” in processed foods, such as, breads pasta, flour, meats, diary products, fast foods, canned foods, etc. Acidity is the cause of physical degeneration which reaches far beyond foods. Music, color, thoughts, experiences, people, etc. all can be acid or invoke an acidic response in our bodies.

When teeth are healthy there is a flow of extracellular fluid that pulses through the teeth. This mineral rich fluid washes and protects the teeth with its immune factors to fight bacteria and with a positive pressure keeping unhealthy elements out. Healthy teeth do not have or support the growth of harmful bacteria. Instead mineral rich extra-cellular fluids support the growth of healthy bacteria around the teeth and in the gums, jaw and head area. This mineral rich fluid can heal cavities, build teeth and gums. Bad breath is an evidence of inflammatory processes going on in the body. Inflammation indicates minerals being withdrawn from the bones and teeth do be used to quench the fires of inflammation.

As mentioned above, the “white plague(white flour, sugar, processed salt, etc.)” is the cause of dental and other problems. Dr. Weston A. Price studied this problem for decades. He spent a large part of his life and personal resources finding the solution to dental and health problems. His research showed clearly that as the means of transportation allowed processed foods into primitive areas, the eating habits of isolated people changed. Refined goods are addictive and life destroying to body and mind. Dental cavities of people living on simple foods is about 1 % or less.

Dr. Price’s research with before and after x-rays of teeth showed that the body will repair cavities if the right amount of minerals are feed and the elements A and D are suppled in abundance by the diet. Unfortunately, today even natural foods lack the abundance of nutrients needed to heal the bodies of people. Nutritional deficiencies were visible in the formation of the bone structure of the body and also created mental, emotional and moral changes to a person.Miscellaneous on Food:

People are malnourished and do not know it and do not understand why they are degenerating. We are lied to by our government and business for the sake of profits. Changes that could be made for the health of all are not made because of the profit motive.

The beef industry requires high antibiotic use in order to bring animals to market. In the 1940’s 50 grams of antibiotics were added per ton of feed. By the 1970’s 500 grams of antibiotics were used per ton. With this we have seen the increase in potency of infections requiring ever more antibiotics. Penicillin is a fungus and toxin which competes with other pathogens in the animal. It also inhibits healthy cells by reducing the number and effectiveness of the mitochondria in the cells – the energy producing centers of the cells.

Chickens would die in nine weeks due to disease, so they are harvested in eight weeks. Commercial facilities that raise eggs have as many as 80,000 caged chickens with beaks removed and force-fed with a lot of antibiotics added to increase production. The stress these animals are placed under must create stress related chemicals deposited in eggs and meat. This extreme stress placed upon the chickens, certainly slows the chickens ability to detoxify their own wastes; stress creates toxins would also not be removed and would be contained in both meat and eggs. What is the effect of these on our bodies? Also this is an inhumane practice that makes for an unfeeling society. If we eat this produce, we share in the cruelty to the animals. And at the same time we need the nutrition for health; there is a health and moral basis for making changes to our food supply.

The United States government has maintained a cheap food policy which has reduced quality as farmers have been reduced in number and required to produce more and more food. As a result the food quality has been reduced as well as the fertility value of the soil. The average consumer wants to pay less for food and other things, not realizing that in the process he is selling off his health reserves and the health reserves of his future off spring. Cheap food calls also for importation of food in larger quantities. Foreign food contains more parasites and many chemicals banned in our country and is a way for big producers to circumvent the laws which were created to reduce health dangers from chemical additives in foods. Cheap food policy has moved the farmers from the land to industrial jobs. It has also reduced the jobs in rural areas that support farming. It has reduced the quality of life for many and reduced severely the quality of the foods we consume. It is a prime example of social engineering; the citizen as an asset of the state is traded for money by increasing the profits from food by reducing the health of the citizen. The birth right to health and happiness is stolen. When people are moved to the cities, stale food must be eaten by the people, because food must be transported thousands of miles over a period of days, weeks or months.

At the peak of ripeness nutritional values of foods are highest and most perishable. As you notice, many foods tastes like cardboard because foods are harvested prematurely. Chemicals need to be added to stimulate brain centers to give artificial flavor to foods; the long-term effect on the brain is not good. Billions are spent on fuels and dryers to take water from immature grains and other produce and packaged in chemical out gassing containers, the eating of which, makes us sick.

Regarding bread. High speed roller milling raises temperature which wipes out nutrients. Natural oils, contained in grains, become rancid quickly before the bread is made. Deodorizers are used to add the smell of freshness. (Natural sour dough leavening can remove phytates in grains which bind up minerals so they cannot be absorbed.) Natural leavening is also a great source of good bacteria. Unfortunately, brewers yeast is used as leavening, instead of natural leavening because it makes bread consistent; brewers yeast is also a waste product that can be used in processing bread rather than being disposed of. Commercial yeast leaves 90% of phytates in bread which makes for mineral starvation.

Jean Claude Vincent, a noted french biochemist, notes that commercial yeast explodes the starch cells. Bio-electrically the nature of commercial dough is identical to the bio-electrical nature of cancer. Another doctor asserts that commercial bread could cause cancer because of this bio-chemical process.

Natural leavening has a purifying effect on grain contaminants. Ergot known as LSD, a yeast contaminant, neutralizes this toxic alkaloid.

Farm animals are so starved for basic nutrients that they eat wood and plaster to get needed minerals such as calcium and magnesium. Starved plants just like starved cells in the body may actually excrete vital nutrients back into the soil because the chemistry of the soil is so imbalanced.

Cholesterol is vital for health, lecithin is vital for brain function. There is no better source than high quality chicken eggs. Organic beef and beef juices are important health builders. High quality protein protects us from heavy metal poisoning. High quality amino acids bind with heavy metals and are excreted from the body. Animal proteins are helpful for removing these heavy metals. If however, protein is not properly digested and metabolized, the by-products are extremely harmful..

Growth hormone given to diary cows, control the growth processes of cells. Growth factors maintain the malignancy, progression and invasiveness of cancer cells. Unnatural addition of growth factors to the food supply increase our risk of cancer. Growth factors are now in the milk supply making commercial milk less desirable as a food product. Growth hormone causes increased infection in diary cows, causing mastitis. This increased infection has made necessary that more anti-biotics be given to diary cows. Also there is an increase in bacteria and pus in milk supplies as a result.

Growth factors are passed through the milk and are still biologically active in those who drink milk. How does it feel to be on steroids? Steroids in milk as well as meat must be processed by the bodies of those who consume these products.

Don’t you find it strange that dairymen cannot label their product as hormone free because of FDA rules , since according to FDA reasoning, it might “mislead” people into thinking that hormone free milk is better than hormone produced milk? I guess any argument is okay to evade truth for profit. What about the right to have the whole truth?The Root of Addiction is Sugar:

An international cartel based on sugar has existed since the 11th century. It fueled the slave trade in the Americas and it is trading the health of American’s for profit today. The people involved in this business have been around a long-time and know the effect sugar has on the body. They know how to control and manipulate governments and “public servants” by the use of cash.

If one investigates the studies surrounding many health destroying substances, the studies supporting them are usually flawed or misreported as harmless when the opposite is true.

The real key to understanding the rise and fall of civilizations is to understand those who corrupt societies by money for the accumulating of more money on the bones of the dead and the creation of more power. When one nation weakens, so this cartel is no longer protected by its host nation, the cartel moves on like a rat jumping ship, finds a new nation and starts the building and moral destruction of a new nation. Government is meant to protect the citizen from health dangers.

Addiction has its roots in sugar consumption. It is amazing that a substance so destructive of health is discussed or studied so little. The perfect sugar that enters the body most rapidly is alcohol. Low blood sugar creates addiction. So many of the young people today have such low energy that the first taste of drugs lifts their blood sugar to a level where they actually feel good for perhaps the first time n their lives. An addict is born.

An agent of the devil said that what God has ordained to separate, the devil unites, and that which God has ordained to unite, the devil seeks to separate. No better example of this is refined foods especially sugar or other foods that have been separated from their mineral and vitamin base.

A drug alters body functions. Americans are an addicted society. Not since the opium wars of the 19th century China(British used opium to addict the Chinese population for the purpose of conquest). Sugar, alcoholism, street drugs, pharmaceutical drugs(doctor assisted addiction), anti-depressants, sleeping pills, antibiotics, steroids, etc. More money is spent on legal drugs than on illegal drug trade. The biggest addiction is to sugar.

Sugar is an unnatural product not found in nature. According to some reports aspartame is added to sugar before importation to the United States. Dr. Melvin Page, DDS expert on sugar, called sugar the curse of the modern diet. Sugar causes the endocrine system to overwork and malfunction. The endocrine system is designed to create immediate balance to changes in the inner chemistry of the body. Continual and frequent and perhaps violent changes in blood chemistry put a severe stress upon the endocrine glands with the result of early failure or dysfunction. Part of this failure being due to a lack of nutrients as fuel in sugar to support the endocrine glands. Fatigue is the long-term result of sugar consumption.

Sugar consumption reduces one’s ability to resist and fight infection. Sugar increases the body’s production of cholesterol, sugar plus fat equals storage of fat, reduces absorption of calcium, causes diabetes, increases blood pressure by causing the kidneys to retain sodium and fluids. Sugar increases blood sugar levels, insulin levels and uric acid. Calcium and phosphorus levels fluctuate like a pendulum. The pancreas, adrenals, and pituitary are major glands in the sugar control system.

The type of foods eaten have more to do with weight control than daily caloric intake. The endocrine system needs to operate at a lower and more steady state for proper control. Digestion and assimilation will improve. Fungal infections really cannot be permanently eliminated until sugar and wheat breads are removed from the diet. Loss of calcium and other minerals resulting from refined sugar intake lead to chronic degenerative diseases.

Sugar leads us to become a nation of physically sick people. It may be what is leading to the decline of western civilization.Ban Margarine Not Guns:

Recent government studies(True Health) show that trans fatty acids cause 4 to 5 times as many deaths a year as hand guns. Margarine is made from trans fatty acids. L-tryptophan was banned because it caused the death of 32 people. There must be a double standard here since 32 people do not compare with 5 to 10,000 people a year in death by margarine. The recommendation by a research group funded by the FDA was to label all foods that contain trans fatty acids to be labeled as such. Statistically it was shown by this group that by proper labeling consumers would make choices that would reduce deaths from heart disease by 5,000 people or more a year. What results might occur if there was an outright ban. The FDA knows about this; this knowledge is like that had by the Ford executives who made decisions regarding the Pinto, back in the 70s, to continue producing a dangerous product based on what it would cost to defend against the law suits from the deaths and injuries versus the profits lost by not producing the Pinto. The government, in the end, went after Ford Motors.

Processed oils have a major impact on cell membrane quality. Cell membrane integrity depends upon essential fatty acids. Cell membrane control of input and output of nutrients and wastes is foundational to all health processes. Processed oils inhibit electron exchange in the body contributing to anaerobic fermentation. Hydrogenated oils are acidified oils, they have hydrogen ions added. The electrical charge on hydrogenated oils make incorporation into the body very difficult.

Saturated fats such as coconut oil or animal fats are hard at room temperature. Natural oils are much more easily assimilated by the body and they are very stable meaning they do not go rancid quickly and are much less carcinogenic. Healthy tissue building saturated fats have been maligned and the public has received a lot of advertising propaganda to change buying habits of consumers. Have health statistics improved as a result? The opposite in fact has occurred. Saturated fats do not create cholesterol or hardening of the arteries. Sugar is the real culprit.

Hydrogenated fatty acids become part of the cell membranes where they stimulate enzymes that make cancer stronger. Hydrogenated oils are really a plastic or celluloid. According to Dr. Royal Lee, hydrogenated oil is no better to the body than mineral oil. Mineral oil is probably the main cause of skin cancer due to it being an additive to suntan lotions. As processed it has a greasy smell which needs to be bleached, deodorized, colored and flavored. In its natural state no one would eat it. Hydrogenated oil as processed is very stable and increases shelf life to years. Hydrogenation creates trans fatty acids which are unnatural and are saturate-equivalents to natural saturated fats such as butter or coconut oil. Hydrogenated oils do not interact with oxygen so it cannot be associated with vitamin E, the major oil based anti-oxidant in the body. Studies show trans fatty acids to be a cause of degenerative diseases including hardening of the arteries and cancers..

More hydrogenated fats can be baked into baked goods than natural fats such as butter, making baked foods of a higher calorie count. This has resulted in a 27% increase in fat consumption by the American public.

Nickel is needed as a catalyst for the formation of hydrogenated oils. Nickel contamination in the body will cause fatty growths and cellulite formation.Have you been raped by canola oil?

Canola oil is rape seed oil. And it is a violator of your body. It is the cheapest cooking oil on the market today. Many people are convinced that it is extremely toxic, congesting the blood and restricting the flow of lymph fluid in the body causing a wide variety of physical and psychological disorders.

It entered the American market about 10 plus years ago. It was well known at the time that it contained, erucic acid, a toxic acid which is definitely harmful to human beings. There was an abundance of this oil on the market because the initial crop introduced to America had been rejected in Europe because this toxic acid was much higher than acceptable for health. Someone made a lot of money on this; you lost!

Rape seed is listed in a number of encyclopedias as being able to cause any of these conditions: pulmonary emphysema, respiratory distress, anemia, constipation, irritability and blindness in cattle. Since rape is so prolific, it has no natural insect enemies, it grows rapidly and yields a heavy crop making it a most competitive low priced oil product. Keeping costs down and prices up at your health expense is what American capitalism and the Stock Market are all about. As your health goes down, the stock market keeps going up. You are a wonderful cash cow, if you will continue to be milked.

Some medical researchers say that canola oil is an accomplice in “Mad Cow”, Creutzfeldt-Jacob, M.S. and even cerebral palsy. When rape oil was removed from animal diets in Great Britain, “Mad Cow” disease disappeared.

Apparently, it takes about 10 years for the use of rape oil to manifest its harmful effects. Its harmful effects are due to cyanide-containing compounds which inhibit the body’s production of ATP, the energy molecule of the body. ATP powers the cells and keeps us vital and healthy. Lower cellular energy would also contribute to excess weight gain since ATP burns fat.

One major side effect of rape oil is the clumping of red blood cells resulting in reduced circulation to the delicate circulatory structure of the eyes. The results can be glaucoma, retinitis, blurred vision and other vision irregularities. One thing I see a lot of is congested lymph glands and high acidity. Rape seed oil could definitely contribute to this. As I example a few of the foods I eat, it is clear that many have rape seed oil in them. The lower the quality or price of food we eat, the greater the likelihood that rape seed oil will be contained in them.

Rape oil also inhibits the production of acetylcholine which is critical to signals from the nervous system to the muscles. Resulting in muscles that do not move smoothly or gracefully. In the last 20 years there has been an alarming increase in the number of M.S. and cerebral palsy cases. And of course Alzheimer is epidemic world wide. This can be in part due to rape seed oil and organophosphates used as insecticides(such as malathion) used in food production, which become food residues even in organic foods.

Fats have the following functions: 1. Thermal regulation; 2. Protective layers; 3. Fuel for heart and other muscles; 4. Cell membrane construction; 5. Myelin sheath construction; 6. Skin texture; 7. Lung tissue; 8. Enzyme systems; 9. Dissolving fat soluble vitamins; 10. Prostaglandins and hormone production; 11. Appetite control. All these vital processes require the best raw oils we can take in. Better quality oils make for better function control.

Trans fatty acids, synthetic bad fats, compose 6.6% of adipose tissue in the average person. This type of fat inhibits important enzymes in all tissue, change in red blood cell membranes, changes in the ability of sub-cellular bodies to move within the cell, makes change in liver enzyme, makes changes in T and B immune cells, reduces milk fat production in cows and humans, decreased insulin response in adipose tissue, changes fat cell size and number in milk fat and adipose tissue. These are serious changes due to altered dietary fats. “…electrically neutralized food fats and foodstuffs(preserved for shelf life) disturb the basic order of all growth processes….” Dr. Budwig.

Based on the research of Dr. Mary Enig, there is 10-12 % trans fatty acids in many foods because of the way foods are allowed to be labeled. Labeling laws allow bakeries to conceal the composition of baked goods to deceive buyers into thinking that they are buying better products than they are actually buying.

Dr. Donald Rudin, M.D., author of, “The Omega-3 Phenomenon” as well as other experts hold the belief that a deficiency of Omega-3 oils has created a widespread illness in the population similar to scurvy and pellagra. He and others have also used a nutritional approach for successful treatment of schizophrenia, depression and other emotional disorders by using good dietary practices supplemented with one or two tablespoons of flax oil daily.

Dr. Johanna Budwig has done extensive research on fats. Research indicates that there is an electron cloud surrounding polyunsaturated linoleic acid which plays a vital role in cellular oxidation and links the vital health of the cells back to the energy source of the universe, the sun. Cell membranes are an integrate structure of fats and proteins, allowing minerals and other nutrients to enter and leave the cells as part of the life process. Linoleic and linolenic acids are most abundant in flax seed. The oxidation process in polyunsaturated oils allows extra oxygen to be transported throughout the body.

Fatty acids are able to deliver photons and electrons to the cells, the anti-entropic factor, that helps to maintain cellular temperature at a higher state than is scientifically expected( orgone and tachyon energies). There is a resonance factor associated with essential fatty acids and the electrons of the sun; resonance induces electron flow in elements that have a synchronicity Higher level electron in conjunction with their magnetic fields serve as antennae to accumulate free space energy. The increased electron field energy surrounding cell membranes increase cell metabolism. This is unique to humans/mammals. Per Dr. William Koch, human cell oxidation is far more robust than lower animals; if this were not so, advanced thinking would not be possible, because the energy would not be available to support it. Humans are a quantum leap ahead of animals in cellular energy production. We need this extra energy for constant thinking and moving around. “Man, according to the fields of micro physics and quantum biology, is a higher system with tremendous order, in contrast to chaos, to entropy(the tendency of a system to degrade in energy), as a law of nature…” Dr Budwig , Photo elements of Life.

Hydrogenated trans fatty acids not only take away your cellular energy but they make you regress as a human being per Dr. Budwig. These degraded oils do not possess the power to draw in universal energies. Dr. Budwig’s oil-protein blend(flax oil plus cottage cheese or yogurt) is famous as a cancer cure because it fundamentally restores fat metabolism in the body.

Parasites: the unwelcomed guestsQuestion of alkalization or acidification caused by parasites

A parasite is an organism which lives off and generally within a host’s body; they can be in our own body or other living organisms like plants or animals. They feed off nutrients taken into the host or by breaking down cells and organs of the host. They reproduce by simple division or by the laying of eggs.

Parasites create toxins from their own bodies as well as wastes that can result from the destruction of cells resulting from their living and breeding activities. Parasitic wastes can create fluid currents which draw in nutrients from the host; this can be due to acid/ base balance working against the host, activated by enzymes created by the parasite.

Testing for parasites is very unreliable. Tests only cover 50 of the 1000 or more possible human parasites. Confidence in the testing is between 1 and 20%. Not very good odds at all.

We’ve learned earlier that bacteria, other microbes, insects and animals have a magnetic sense that guides them through their territory. Most likely parasites are the same, they instinctively are attracted to the food(s) of their choice. If we don’t eliminate the poisons from our intestines, the parasites come to take their natural food and break it down. Interestingly, 2-20% of carbohydrates are left undigested for breakdown by intestinal flora. The end products of the digestive process by beneficial bacteria are short chain fatty acids which are ideal food for colon cells and other cells of the body. Chronic intestinal problems can result when the friendly bacteria are missing because colon cells will be undernourished and irritable as well having to deal with the toxins created by pathogenic organisms . These fats are also used for other processes in the body, so fatigue and low blood sugar symptoms are related to the lack of production of these fats.

Human parasites are generally divided into the following categories: 1) Protozoan in the blood, tissues and intestines. They are very small, usually microscopic and are able to infect every tissue of the body. Malaria is the most common protozoan disease. Carriers are contaminated water and insects. These parasites may remain active in the human body for an entire lifetime, causing multiple complications and re-visitations. 2) Flukes or flatworm(trematodes), are the most common parasite in the world including Europe and North America. One common fluke, fasciolopsis buski grows to 3 ½ inches. This fluke infects most people’s intestines and can infect other tissues including the heart, lung, liver and kidneys. Flukes are difficult to get rid of and can accumulate over a 10 to 20 year period. 3) Roundworms (nematodes) include the families of hookworm, pinworm, whipworm, threadworm and others. These can range from nearly invisible to inches in length. Often found in the intestines, these are often contracted through the skin. They migrate throughout the body and present multiple symptoms of disease. 4) Tapeworms(cestodes) are generally the largest of the parasites and the ones most thought of and feared. They are very mobile and will move around in the body. Each tapeworm has 3,000 to 4,000 segments containing 50,000 eggs per segment. They can release a million eggs a day. Tapeworms can life as long as 25 years and grow rapidly up 33 feet within the intestinal tract. Tapeworm larvae can be found in almost every organ and can infect at various developmental stages of the life cycle. Tapeworm larvae can be six inches long.

Parasites are pleomorphic or change shapes and appearances during different developmental stages. The blood fluke, Schistosoma, lives long and usually remains undetected within the body. It has six developmental stages: 1. Egg in human tissues and stool. 2. Miracidium in water 3. Sporocyst in snail 4. Cercaria in water and human skin. 5. Schistosomuium in human tissue and blood 6. Adult worms in mesenteric veins in humans.



There are over 300 types of parasites thriving in Americans today. They range in size from microscopic size to 20 foot or longer ribbons of worms. Mucus in the stool is often associated with parasites in the intestines. Rectal pH of 7.4 or above is a good indicator of parasites.

It is estimated that 85% of the world’s population. There are over 1000 known parasites which can live in your body at any time. Since the United States is experiencing a massive unrestricted and unquarantined immigrants. The nation has no will to restrict this threat to national health. We will have more parasite problems. Within 50 years life in this nation will be no better than any other third world country. So learning how to deal with parasites will be a very important survival skill.

Parasite are easy to catch. A hand shake from a world traveler, a member of the family may carry a parasite and share with the whole family or household. Parasites can be picked up from the family pet(s) or just from the air. Parasite spores can become airborne and are totally invisible. We can pick them up by walking on the beach. We can pick them up in a bathroom. And of course if you have eaten in a third world country lately(Taco Bell), you may have parasites.

Basic obvious symptoms of infestation include: stress, stiffness, inability to sleep, bloating, gas, indigestion. Not so obvious could include, as least as co-factors: cancer, diabetes, liver dysfunction, HIV infection, cold and flu symptoms, migraines, cysts, neurological disorders, anemia, chronic fatigue, general tiredness, frequent constipation, chronic weight problems, and iron deficiencies. The list is long as symptoms go. If in doubt do a parasite cleanse. If you feel better or if you pass a parasite it was definately the right thing to do. Do it again in 10 days when the next batch of parasite eggs hatch.

Half of all species are parasites in that they survive by making a living off the body or nutrients of another species. Parasites are made to survive and are very resistant to efforts to get rid of them. The immune system generally can handle them if in good order. When the immune system is weakened, parasite overgrowth occurs. According to Rev. Hanna Kroeger, parasites make a synergistic relationship with viruses, bacteria, and fungii forming colonies which are a cause of many of the new diseases we are plagued with now. Heavy metals, chemicals and various forms of radiation contribute to the signals that attract various synergistic colonies into different places in the body.

Regarding intestinal flukes, which can grow up to 4 inches, normally must live part of its life cycle out side of the body. Based on new theories, when “propyl alcohols” are used or consumed in foods, cosmetics, industrial contaminants or air pollution, they provide the fluke with an environment which allows the fluke to complete its life cycle within man. This allows the fluke to migrate throughout the body and being able to infect every tissue and organ in the body.

Avoiding propyl alcohols as well as alcoholic beverages is important to eliminate reinfestation.

The body is generally unequipped to handle multicellular and larger bacteria and viruses. Some parasites have learned to evade the immune system by incorporating themselves around macrophages, suppressing immune responses, releasing different antigens, so that they present a moving target, harder for the immune system to get ane exact bead on. Parasites with their own hormonal signals can mimic human hormones and activate or suppress bodily functions. Digestion or the production of acids and enzymes may be suppressed so parasite eggs have a better chance to survive.

Parasites spread throughout the body in very sophisticated ways , occupying different sites at various life stages, varying their size, shape and cellular composition in way and degrees which are designed to operate beyond the immune systems detection and eradication mechanisms.

The first line of defense is good digestive enzymes to digest the protein coating on parasite eggs before they are able to implant in your intestines. Supplemental enzymes and hydrochloric acid are necessary for the short term and perhaps long-term. Low stomach acid may be due to an overly acidic body. When the tissues and fluids of the body become over acid, the parietal glands of the stomach stop producing digestive acids. Jasmine tea is used commonly in the orient which is very helpful in reducing parasite infections. Cayenne pepper and various hot spices are very preventive because contact with the intestines stimulates the flow of digestive fluids and mucus which engulfs foreign materials and stimulates materials to reduce their hold on intestinal walls.

The second line of defense is cleanliness, disinfecting hands after use of the toilet and cleanliness of home and environment.

A third line of defense is taking de-worming agents on a regular basis and keeping the immune system high.

A fourth line of defense is a non-junk food diet with enough fiber to stimulate regular elimination and removal of all putrefactive substances, which are the breeding materials for parasites.

Giardia lamblia at one time was just a common backwoods parasite which could only be picked up in backwoods lakes and streams, now it is the most commonly contracted parasite from drinking water. Giardia has an affinity for the gallbladder duct, causing a back up of bile and associated liver problems. Low bile flow contributes to constipation since bile is a great lubricator of the intestines. Low bile flow also lowers the digestion of fat and the absorption of fat soluble vitamins. Bile is rich in mineral salts which is a resource for creating digestive enzymes. Low saliva pH and light or clear urine are indicators that bile flow is low.

The most common intestinal parasite is candida albicans and other yeast and fungal infections. The mycotoxins produced by these species lower overall immunity, making relatively benign bacteria and viruses lethal at times. AIDS for example shows that a suppressed immune system makes a person is open game for illnesses that are normally easily overcome.

Its important to note that insects transmit parasites, bacteria, viruses, fungii and toxins. Controlling and repelling insects is a consideration in health improvement. Also yeast spores fill the air and incubate wherever warmth and moisture are available. Plants and animals make attractive homes. Allergies are often due to environment yeast spores that are attacking the body. When biological defenses are strong, allergies are not a problem.

Research has shown that all manmade chemicals are toxic to the natural flora of the intestines. The intestines contain between 5 and 15 pounds of bacteria. Healthy bacteria create substances that are nourishing to the human body. Unfriendly bacteria do the opposite and take a tremendous toll on health. Friendly bacteria produce among other things, lactic acid(dextrogyrate-left handed) which has many good effects on the body. There are actually two different forms of lactic acid, left handed and right handed, only the left handed is healthy. In fact the World Health Organization after through experience of having the bad, right handed, lactic acid in baby formulas and doing research ordered that only the L form of lactic acid should be put in infant formulas. Interestingly, the only lactic acid used as an additive to foods in the United States except for health foods is the bad right handed lactic acid. Bad lactic acid is associated with hear disease, rheumatic diseases, skin diseases and even cancer.

The good lactic acid helps to maintain the acid-alkaline balance of the body. When the body produces enough good lactic acid, the muscles and heart are well nourished. When the good lactic acid is lacking, the body compensates by increased heart rate. Lactic acid is very beneficial to the adrenal glands, makes them grow, which helps allergies and allergy related diseases. Lactic acid also is beneficial in exudative diathesis(process of sweating) which helps in skin disease and general removal of wastes through the skin. Its amazing what a good intestinal flora can do for a person, even better skin. Good lactic acid improves immunity by improving enzyme activity and improved formation of lymphocytes and plasma cells. Good lactic acid helps in thee production of glycogen needed for muscle function and balanced blood sugar; it is also an aid to healthy cellular metabolism. Naturally fermented breads, fermented vegetables and acidophilus supplements are sources to improve your intestinal flora and the production of good lactic acid.

A sound lining of the alimentary tract is a major key to health. It all starts with implantation of colostrum coming to the child from mother’s milk right after birth. The first dose of anti-biotics starts to kill the natural flora. Then cows milk and other indigestible substances tax the bodies ability to create digestive fluids, eventually being weakened to the point that unnatural bacteria enter and implant in the intestines. When the bowel is healthy, IgA’s(immune factors)are capable of destroying nearly every known pathogenic microorganism. The lining is further degraded due to being fed a high carbohydrate diet that nourishes the unnatural and unfriendly bacteria. Chemicals from foods, air pollution, or allergies also degrade the flora and mucus lining.

Leaky bowel syndrome is one of the most serious causes of disease today. It is well known that aspirin causes the stomach and intestines to bleed with each use. Interestingly chemicals attach themselves to cell membranes(too much toxicity ruptures the cells) which in effects cleanses the blood and lymph supply but at the same time the cells are then swept up by immune cells and become part of the mucus that is excreted from the body. The purpose of the mucus lining is to engulf bacteria, viruses, parasites, chemicals, partially digested food, etc. and pass it out of the body.

Once the intestinal wall is perforated (due to extreme bowel toxemia) the mentioned substances have direct access to the inner workings of the body. Also, the intestinal wall makes half of the neurotransmitters of the body, as much as the brain. It’s a second brain. Brain health and nervous system health starts in the colon. Nervous system disorders and brain disorders(Alzheimer for example) is epidemic, which in part can be traced to bowel toxemia. If the blood/ brain barrier is compromised, blood impurities can access sensitive brain areas, causing nervousness, mental, emotional imbalances or worse. Long-term acidosis can stress all tissues including the blood/brain barrier.

Prolonged intestinal toxemia may show any of the following



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